Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dog Tales-Touring Tippy

And the dog tales continue... I got up to take Jack and Tippy out this morning. They were very well behaved on the walk then Tippy decided she needed to go off and explore the woods. Once I caught her & got back to my driveway Tippy decided the road was the way to go. She took off and didn't turn back. Finally caught her and got them both back in the house. I think Jack was telling her bedtime stories while they shared the room last night so Tippy decided she would go have a grand adventure. Crazy dogs! So I get them in the room and Jack has taken over Tippy's bed and Tippy is on a towel now. Tippy walked too close to Jack's bed and Jack attacked her so I had to break up that fight. Then Jack went and sat on Tippy's towel like he was saying This is my room and everything in it is mine! LOL So I had to take Jack back outside. I had already blocked off all the holes he dug last night but I discovered in his kennel he had mutilated the fence itself. Looks like he pulled it with his mouth until it made a big enough hole for him to get through. So I repaired that the best I could and left him out there. I am sure he is digging to China right

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