Tuesday, January 1, 2013


1/1/13 The world is so full of wonderful, interesting things it can be overwhelming.  I worry about missing things. I hate finding out I did miss something that would have been cool or fun. These feeling make me feel pressured/stressed. I need to come to terms that I cannot be involved in everything in this amazing world. I will miss some things but if I spend my time worried about missing things, I won’t be able to savor the experiences I do have.  One of the things I want to focus on in this new year is to take opportunities to try new things. I still want to enjoy the things I already enjoy while grabbing new things when they come my way. So far I drank some moonshine from Tennessee while I was at a New Year’s Eve party. I love buying new calendars every year so this year I bought ones related to new topics.  One is a 365 photo calendar of France and the other has nature pictures in places around America. I have started to watch Continuum which so far has been very interesting. I saw my sister, Wanda, was playing a new game app called Ruzzle. It is a word game and I love word games. I went ahead and signed up and have played a few rounds with her. It will be good to keep my mind sharp and increase interactions with others. Win, win!