Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dog Tales-The Great Escape

Oh my goodness-can't sleep now after I was just stressed out! Runaway Jack strikes again! I was in bed and I could hear Jack barking and barking and barking.... I would say to myself he will stop then he would stop for a few minutes then start again. So I got up to go see what was going on. When I got outside, I noticed that his barking sounded close. I couldn't find my flashlight when I went to go out so I was just going by the carport light. Jack is all white so he kind of stands out in the dark anyway. So I reach the first in a line of 4 fenced in kennel areas and I see Jack at the fence, inside the fence. The problem was he was not in his kennel but another dog's kennel! This meant that he dug from his kennel (which is the last of the 4 kennels) into Bear's kennel then dug from Bear's kennel into Puppy's kennel then from Puppy's kennel into T-Bone's kennel. BTW T-Bone is a pit bull! So I go to the gate and Jack runs to me but by that point T decides he wants to kill him and there is a big dog fight with me trying to stop it-in the dark. I was screaming for help at the top of my lungs (horror movie type scream with HELP mixed in). I now know that I could be murdered outside my house and no one would hear me or come to my aid :-P Finally I left them fighting (or really one fighting and one screaming) and ran to the house and woke Susie up to come help me. I held T out of the way to Jack could go out the gate. So now Jack is in the pet room with Tippy (Chihuahua). Tippy is recovering from having 3 tumors removed that were growing on her skin. She still has stitches so she has been inside. Poor Jack is no longer white. He is filthy from being thrown around in the mud &/or from digging from kennel to kennel. Thankfully the only blood I found was on his mouth and chin so no major injuries. But my adrenaline is pumping so I am awake......

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