Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions - A Work In Progress

Day 1 December 31, 2011
The New Year is just a few hours away and I haven't made any definitive resolutions yet. I just read something that discussed the difference between resolutions and goals. Goals being something that can be achieved (lose 25 pounds) while resolutions are a continual thing to address (exercise 5 days a week). It said having both wouldn't be a bad idea. At the moment, the following are what I have on my mind but as always, I am a work in progress....

1. B+ (Be Positive) I am going to make this one of my resolutions for the year. Short, easy to remember, and will be uplifting everyday.

2. Increase water intake - in the spirit of #1, I am going to say increase water intake instead of thinking in the negative by saying decreasing my Dr Pepper intake. Hope by increasing my water the result will lead to the decrease of my Dr Pepper intake.

3. B more active - I need to figure out my goals to follow through with this resolution. Over the years, I have had the best success when I was walking for exercise and lifting weights. I am having deciding on a routine of how to do that since my days are different now from the time I was doing that. Might get a Wii or Kinect to have a new gadget and get exercise - FUN!

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